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The course book for the ECDL is:

Heathcote: Pass ECDL 4 (Payne Gallway).
You are advised to have this book for home study and revision, and to bring it to the class. If you already have access to an alternative, e.g., Angela Bessant, that's ok too, but a syllabus 3 book is inadequate.

The syllabus we are following is ECDL 4, using Microsoft Office XP/2002 and Internet Explorer and Outlook Express 6. It helps if you have access to this or similar software outside of the class. You do not have to buy this (you can use computers in most libraries), but if you do want to purchase software, you may be able to get student versions which are much cheaper.

Website for Pass ECDL+ resources: Click here

Update 12th May:
The remaining testing sessions are likely to be:
20th May, 10th June, 17th June and 24th June.


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