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Most of the creatures you find under the sheet will be small creepy crawlies belonging to a huge group 'Invertebrates'. These creatures have no skeleton inside their bodies, although they may have a hard outer casing or 'exoskeleton'. Other invertebrates have soft bodies.You will use the key and any books you have to help you identify these invertebrates.

Before you go out to lift the sheet, try the worksheet to see if you can identify the creatures in the photos. This will help you identify a range of creatures, and you will begin to recognise invertebrates easily.

There is just a chance that you may get some larger creatures under your sheet. These belong to the group, 'Vertebrates'. They all have skeletons inside their bodies. Click on the links below to see some vertebrates that might possibly be under your sheet.
[Mammals]  [Reptiles] [Amphibians]

If you still have a creature you can't identify, send an e-mail describing it and we will try to help [E-mail help].