Maths Tuition in your own home up to GCSE

"Students can become frustrated if they can't make sense of the mathematics they are expected to master. Using strategies that encourage and develop the creative talents and thinking skills all learners already possess, I aim to help all students get back on track, so they can develop confidence in their own powers.
I offer maths tuition tailored to the individual student up to GCSE grade 9".

Online tuition using Skype and a whiteboard is available.

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Maths tuition for key stage 3 and 4 is available in North Hampshire and parts of West Berkshire. The hourly charge is 25 +30p a mile for any travel I do above a 15 mile return journey from North Hampshire or my location before your appointment, plus a travel charge for a journey over 30 minutes.
To discuss maths tuition further, you can email me at
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